plastic-free | silicone-free | 100% natural rubber

parents swear by our dummies

a British brand, born in London

no compromise on style or sustainability

100% natural rubber dummies


each dummy is made from ONE single piece of rubber & because it's seamless it's more hygeinic than alternatives

other dummies tend to have a join between the plastic shield & rubber teat

joins make great breeding grounds for germs so we think it's a no brainer to avoid them.


the natural rubber we use is free from all nasties.  nasties that are very often found in plastics, things like PVC, BPA & phthalates. we do a tonne of checks in external labs so ensure NONE of those gross things are detectable in our rubber

baby wise, they love it because the rubber is soft and flexible. it feels soft against their skin, unlike rigid plastic dummies.

natural rubber

the natural rubber is soft on your baby's delicate skin but tough enough to withstand chomping and biting

we use 100% natural rubber for our dummies

it’s the more eco-friendly option AND babies love it

our rubber is sustainably sourced from the hevea tree.  the sap that makes the rubber is tapped from the tree & this process allows the tree to live for around 30 years.

skin tone colour range

our gorgeous range of skin tone colours was designed so that people look at your baby first, not their dummy

beautiful on all little faces