our baby essentials

There are some purchases for your baby that you couldn't imagine living without. 

I've rounded up our baby essentials to try and take some of the hassle out of your shopping. 

if I could give any advice it would be 'buy once, buy well' because wherever I cut costs I often ended up looping back round to buy the more expensive option for baby number 2. 

hopefully this list helps you sort the great from the gimmicky.


OK we're kicking off with a biggie but if you drive a lot or have older children (so the baby will be carted about on the school run) then this is such a great investment.

it's a car seat & with just one click wheels pop out.

babies often fall asleep during car rides so it's a relief not to have to transfer them to a buggy.

forever thankful that my cousin introduced us to the Doona, I wouldn't have had a clue how helpful this would be when we were buying baby gear. 



sanitising spray

we couldn't be without this sanitising water that's 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria. I always have one in my nappy bag as babies drop their dummies / teething toys all the time! it's odour free, tasteless & doesn't need to be rinsed before going in the baby's mouth. magic stuff.

it's also safe to use on your natural rubber dummies (which don't like steralising solutions)


this is so great to have when your baby is bored of just lying about... when they're maybe 3 months old?

we went for the mesh fabric as it's a bit cooler & we always take it on holidays. a lovely safe spot to pop wriggly babies in for a moment

baby bath

friends of ours since went out & bought this to replace the first bath they'd tried!

the angle of the bath sits your baby more upright & has a brilliant ridge under the knee area to stop them from slipping down.  instead of having to hold the baby upright you can focus on keeping their head supported & enjoy the fun part like splashing the water!

we sit this within our normal bath so our baby can bathe with her older sister, it's so great that we one at the Granparents' houses too.

wet wipes

having tried just about every other brand out there, we always come back to water wipes. simply the best

baby carrier

the infamous Artipoppe... we resisted buying this with our first, I couldn't justify the price BUT I'm so glad I bought it for our second. it is incredibly light & supremely comfortable.  not to mention the stunning fabrics. after lots of indecision around which print to go for I decided on the swans which I adore and weirdly (for such a bold pattern), it looks great with all my clothes and coats


well, duh! we really do think that they're the most amazing way to soothe a baby

changing mat

this might seem like an expensive changing mat but trust us it's worth every penny. it's wipe clean with no nooks or crannies for germs to get stuck in. it's squishy surface warms to the touch so newborns actually love lying on it and the elevated head is great for sicky babies 


is there anything AMAZING that I've missed?? tell me in the comments below....

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